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I wanted to acknowledge how appreciative I am for the birthday wishes and messages I received yesterday, from near, close and far off. I felt wrapped in a hug all day. I love various penmanship, too.

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Last week was a tough week for me personally, mainly because i was putting up resistance to changes I needed to make; yes, it’s often in our head. I’ve got to stick to my guns and chase my passions. Nothing is perfect the first time and I will re-do it till it’s right. I’m not patient with myself, either.

One thing I wanted to share was how I am officially off coffee (12 days), at least till an upcoming trip to Portland, Oregon in July, where it’s a cultural norm. ‘when in Rome!’ I think I’ve consumed coffee since I was 8 years old. I now prefer almond milky tea. This suits me much better right now.  I’m been really hunkering down on frugality and saving and thinking about the longterm in the real longterm. Cleansing of the space and ridding of unnecessary clothes and ‘stuff’ seems a lighter approach to summer too.

I want to bike a lot more! Maybe Dallas isn’t the place for me in the long run. I got a Schwinn! Pardon the hair rolled and night gown pic, I was getting ready for last night’s dinner. Thank you dear, so much

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I mentioned in the last post on how we live on our perspective and in response to stimulus. I believe getting out of our comfort zones is most consequential, essential. via the Buddhist Pema Chodron

“There’s a common misunderstanding among all the human beings who have ever been born on the earth that the best way to live is to try to avoid pain and just try to get comfortable. You can see this even in insects and animals and birds. All of us are the same.

A much more interesting, kind, adventurous, and joyful approach to life is to begin to develop our curiosity, not caring whether the object of our inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet.  To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns out on our own terms, to lead a more passionate, full, and delightful life than that, we must realize that we can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is, how we tick and how our world ticks, how the whole thing just is.”

And coincidentally, a blog I follow Zen Thinking ‘Allow yourself to perceive your perceptions’

To my new year: music, books, travel, people, friendships, love… Thank You All!




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