Good Sunday

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Hello again.

It’s finally cold and that means bringing in the plants and knocking out some baking. It felt like I hadn’t properly baked in ages; though I’ve been enjoying a couple freshly made biscuits with my breakfast every Saturday morning for the last five weeks, those didn’t really count to me.

I decided to do a mashup of a sour cream coffee cake and a German apple cake Apfelkuchen. Will double the streusel topping next time. I just don’t crave sweets in any way anymore. It’s sliced up in servings, wrapped thoroughly, and hanging out in my freezer till the actual mood to eat on it strikes.



In unrelated fashion news, I’ve been a huge fan of Victoria Beckham‘s style and sole line since she debuted it. I came across a dress on her instagram feed yesterday which is right up my alley. Fierce and feminine.

Victoria Bekham

Victoria Beckham

I’m also loving the new Burberry ads running in some higher end architecture and style magazines. After years resisting, I’ve come to love orange too; though it still looks awful on me as a personal dressing color.



As aghast as I may have been at the prospect of it once upon a time, I even really like orange and pink together.



In more intellectual news, I’m still strung out on the History of the Crusades podcast. Finally up to episode 82. Only 200+ more to go. I find the narrators voice mellifluous, which makes evening listening that much more relaxing. itunes link

Speaking of zoning out, Sam Harris’ new Waking Up meditation app is lovely and simple and profound. Very easy to use and easy to approach, which is most important for the otherwise daunting task of sitting in meditation; or finding meditative moments. The irony… It offers much more than a seamless progression of meditations, but also snippets of some of his more well-known arguments, between 5 and 20 minutes each: Free Will; Illusory Self; Lesson of Death; Alone With Others. itunes link

Yes dear readers, as much as I can get riled up about politics and the nature of evil, these things make it even more necessary to focus on the good and the beautiful.

Bye for now.

BrockaGood Sunday

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