Good is Good

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Last week, the cold tried to hurt my face. There’s a walkway I cross in the morning between the parking garage and my office building; for these 10 seconds I hate everything! I am grateful to live in Dallas, where we are now back to a few days of reprieve, of 50 or 61* F to gather some fortitude before the next very temporary cold spell. We survive with understanding ‘this too shall pass.’

I bought a balloon, but in yesterday’s warmth and distracted passenger conversation, I opened up the sunroof while driving and it flew away. Didn’t even think! Maybe someone else somewhere else needed to be told to GET WELL

I also pulled over and got out, without needing to check my mail, just to give my mail woman a packet of hand warmers last week. That’s how cold it was. I extra-hated it for her. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I just hated it for her and appreciated her. I bring this up to bring up how another woman in the mode of checking her mail kept repeating ‘that’s so nice, that’s so nice.’ No. I was being considerate, decent. Thinking of others is good.

The truth is, people suck. Some people lack logic. Basic logic. Mutual understanding of mutual existence. We are so far away from this we don’t know where we are. I just want to be warm, I can’t understand how much you may be freezing. This is where we are.

My mother and I get into this often. We have concluded, everything is in the rearing. People aren’t raised right. If you aren’t taught how to behave and treat others, how to simply hold the door open for others coming in behind you…Where are we? When do you learn? Are you learning it from watching television? Are you around people with decency? Because now, social norms have evolved into something else entirely. How we interact, how we respond to one another…


Good deeds are unexpected.

Be exceptional. Be unexpected.

Rachel Rossin


Love this.


BrockaGood is Good

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