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The pendulum has swung. From the radio to the television to the computer to all the handheld technology, the debate on how much we have become disengaged from each other rose so sharply that it descended just as quickly into the sharing economy.(hinted at in the prior post) The argument is nil, as this picture shows.



We never stopped being present, but more things are being presented to us simultaneously. No one can physically or willingly pay attention to all of it, because we each have distinct taste and only pay attention to what we are interested in. Regardless of the many cell phones sitting on the dining tables interrupting our ‘quality time’ and conversations, we now have more ways and means for diving deeper, engaging more fully. The business person who takes that call at dinner prioritizes their business, too. I stopped judging this. When they return to the conversation, i don’t think the conversation has been jeopardized. I’m also a secure person. When i’m visiting family and scrolling social medias feeds, i usually find interesting topics to share or funny pictures to show. Of course there is a time and place for complete attentiveness, e.g. most meals, driving, weddings, funerals, being in nature, etc… And the majority of us do have way too many tabs open on the computer, not quite done with that article or info, in a constant state of gathering and learning…but so what. We get to what we prioritize, don’t we? What technology has done is show us our abundance. It has opened us up to everything and everyone. Options.

We are also harnessing all of this production and brilliance into serving us. I won’t delve into moral debates, but we are already living with robots; and no matter what you feel about them, they are the future. Why Social Robots Will Change Your Life

‘Technology needs to support what people need to be the most empowered to effect positive change in their life and for their loved ones. High tech must support high touch engagement for the best and most lasting results. Only then will technology maximally empower our human ability to fully engage with it — how we experience, think and behave at the intersection of our cognitive, social, emotional and physical capabilities — to succeed, thrive, and grow with technology like never before.’

The second sentence really hones in on how we require our tools to work for us and with us ergonomically. In essence, our devices have always needed to interact with us, as if, and as they are, something intelligent. Apple makes their products to be self-explanatory for a reason. People love their Fitbit wrist bands because they vibrate (communicate) and remind one of their presence and what the human needs to do or has done. We are producing robots to really interact with us. They are our tools, our helpers, our future companions to the family-less elderly.

This discussion between Marie Forleo and Jason Silva is super interesting, especially the latter half. What is coming…(seriously, stop watching Netflix!! pay attention here)


This is more than our past or our present or the future. Where are we in the universe? Is there anything else? Are we the only intelligent species?

The Fermi Paradox



So much. So intense. It’s a very exciting time to be alive.

We have never been disengaged. We have become over-engaged, yes. And truthfully, once upon a time we did have more class, refinement, personal privacy,and the reverence for it all. I don’t care how early in the morning it is when you fly, please don’t wear pajamas to the airport. *cringe*


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