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Instead of the usual social media moniker of flashing back, this is a rounding-up of where my mind has been:

After hinting at my work life in the last post, if you are a freelancer this post will read painfully true. The Pay is Not Commiserate With the Work (my own summation of the title) When I had a food-dessert biz, I knew the baseline rate to charge was 3 times the ingredients cost. There are so many variables to consider, only one is time.

I have not put any money in savings this entire past year and this fact weighs on me heavily. I’m not getting younger and the world is becoming more divisive and competitive. I am definitely moving in June since my condo is being sold. I need to be in a less costly place, and obviously, generating more income. I can proudly say I have none, and carry no debt.

Another fave female, freelancer-ish blogger I’ve mentioned before just put up a note she came across within an old journal. Just like her, Ive been writing in journals and saving them since I was 12 years old. It’s most fascinating how repetitive I’ve been. Some of the weightiest things I’ve known about myself or reflections I’ve made about the world have not changed at all; they’ve been confirmed.

Her observation on Love

 They say you can’t be in love with someone you’ve never met in real life – you can only be in love with the idea of them. 

The truth is that you can only ever be in love with the idea of anyone.

So much Yes! Further still, this doesn’t just apply to a potential interest, but even after unsuccessful relationships, people hold on to an idea of what could’ve been, i.e. the one that got away.

Coincidentally, I recently happened upon this in an old journal, written almost to the day 12 years ago. I can’t recall if I wrote this as a poem or an observation. undiluted*

journal entry

journal entry

My handwriting changes more than anything.

Aside from both the freelance life or the 9 to 5s, The 5 Types of Personal Projects and How to Justify Them I could resonate with all 5 variations, but the one I find missing is using art as a healing tool. Sometimes we also pursue hobbies out of boredom or excitement to learn something new.

I’m currently going back to the drawing board with my music. Frankly, I’m now of the mind to have no motive at all, no game plan, no defined end result; just create for the sake of creation.

I’m disappointed in the way the music video has come out for the latest single All Over the Place, though. I will most likely just put up a lyrics video. I don’t want to get hung-up on it. The time and money have already been spent. I’m not keen on throwing more time and money at it. It’ll be even more simple then, for now. There’s another song to get out…

Adding a bit of melancholy, it has poured rain everyday this week in Dallas, and now I am experiencing the cumulative effect with a sinus migraine that could wipe out a small army. Otherwise, I am peaceful about the number of changes coming up, and new choices and decisions to be made. Spring will be springing!

via Seth Godin

Changemaking happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.

I plan to spend time with good people this weekend. I would love to go on a long walk, it just might be inside the Dallas Museum of Art before the rain lets up. A new exhibit begins Sunday

Rebecca Warren

Enjoy yours!


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