Forever Is A Long Time

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No we aren’t discussing marriage. (all of my readers would wonder what the hell happened to Brocka?!) We are talking immortality. This isn’t so far off. (pun) Would you really want to live forever? I don’t believe 75% of people would. A poll hasn’t been taken, but that’s my assumption.

A Google Health company called Calico just launched this week, and it does believe it can prevent aging. Here’s the 411. WTF is Calico?

‘In an interview with TIME Magazine, Google CEO Larry Page implied that dramatically extending human life is one of Calico’s main goals; not making people immortal per se, but, according to a source familiar with the project, increasing the lifespan of people born 20 years ago by as much as 100 years.’

If you just want to be practical about your longevity, here are the 5 Secrets to living longer and what the longest-living people in the world have in common.

Here’s the big elephant in the room related to this discussion, what if you knew exactly when you are going to die? It would bother my daily living considerably, the anxiety, the encroaching closure. Part of that ‘living life to the fullest’ is that we don’t know. Like every matter in the world, the answers are on the web. Apparently, there’s a site that will calculate when you will die. Yep.

While you’re busy preventing death and waiting to die, you should read the TOP 35 Books  to read in your lifetime. (no, it’s not a click-through. all on one page. I hate those too!!)

Because while this may not be a blog where marriage is discussed, it is one where books are.

Happy weekend! Enjoy your drink knowing your liver is regenerating. 😉

BrockaForever Is A Long Time

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