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I want to let you in on something you may have not considered: you crave what you eat, you don’t eat what you crave. Think about this. Humans are creatures of habit and our metabolism has been set up this way. This is why different cultures subsist on different diets. Each digestion acclimated to what was available. Now, we have everything available from everywhere in the world. The science still applies. Thus, what you are in the habit of consuming, what your body metabolizes, is what it begins to ask for essentially; this is why food addictions are so easy to fall into. This concept is also to the benefit of fast food franchises and processed food manufacturers. Sugar is the most addictive ingredient, followed by fat. When you begin eating healthy, your body will ask for more of it; no, not over night. Nor am I saying you aren’t going to crave something sweet after a healthy dinner, there are other factors involved with that, but feeling well begets eating wholesomely. So let’s be honest with ourselves when we eat past satiation and begin doing it for the pleasure, the celebration, the boredom, the sadness…

Diets have become the new social status. Which one are you on? Which restaurants do you eat at or fast food places do you avoid or are you an all-at-home-from-scratch cook? What gluten, dairy, or any other singular item have you cut out? Like the car we drive and the clothes we wear, or your social group, how we eat now matter-of-factly categorizes us. If you absolutely resent this point i’m making and hate being pigeon-holed, then you may rebelliously decide to eat whatever the fuck you want whenever you want. The problem is, this behavior isn’t the answer either and it’s also a lazy cop-out. That’s why, if you care about your wellness, you have to make some kind of decision. Your body wants to be well. It will tell you if what you’re eating is working for you, by your mood, how well you sleep, your skin clarity or tiredness, and definitely your digestion. Food and the business of eating exist 24/7. You have to respond to it someway.

Prime example is Paula Deen. You may only know her because of the stupid shit she said, but this ex Food Network host even admitted the southern fried, caramel coated diet caused her diabetes.

I don’t care what our first lady wants to do with nutrition labels. Labels haven’t been proven to change behavior by posting it at fast food restaurants. I applaud the honesty in acknowledging reasonable serving sizes though. The biggest thing in the news right now is genetically modified foods. This article is one of the most detailed.

The two biggest food stigmas are trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup. Scientific America recently put out an article I posted up on twitter a few days ago about the case for cutting trans fats. They essentially metabolize as plastic; partially-hydrogenated oil is literally clogging arteries and causing cardiovascular disease. If we can still have shelf-stable foods without this fat’s preservation, then yes, get rid of it. This change is not about government ‘telling me what I should or shouldn’t eat’, it’s about innovation. We don’t still drive the Model T do we? GMO’s are about food control, on the other hand, since Monsanto has the monopoly on most food production, this is one reason paying attention to the GMO debate is in your best interest. Back to HFCS, How America Fell Out of Love With Orange Juice.

And if cheese growing mold in the back of your fridge wasn’t a gross enough image,  World’s Oldest Cheese Found On the Necks of Chinese Mummies



My mother is a cheese addict: in, with, on anything. My father is lactose-intolerant. I learned dairy does not make me feel good at all. As a singer, i stay far away from dairy because it produces phlegm and mucus. This is my way of listening to my body and making a decision in my best interest. I’m sure there is something about your own health you can be very honest with yourself about. Be well.


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