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It is fantastic that some girls-women have enough money to buy anything they desire and play dress up – ‘pretend model’, for posting on their social media sites, and thus encouraging other girls to go purchase the same brand name labels, for the subconscious sake of acceptance/conformity. Proven by the link Even if not on social media, every woman has once stood in front of a closet full of clothes exasperated, ‘I have nothing to wear!’

WOW, what a string of thought, but this really is the sequence of events and psychology behind it. Commercialism and group-think, these are the bare-bone terms. (pun) I fall back on this Zen thought often: Would you want it if you didn’t know it existed?

But how wonderful this is for the merchandising economy, the fashion houses, the runway fashion shows, the magazines which discuss it, the bloggers who immulate it, and the lanky models getting booked at castings -thus proving to themselves their hunger is worthiness. (and what a great opportunity for the eastern European girls looking to get out of their depressing countries) We are barely out of the Fashion Week(s) and it all depends and hinges on desire.

I am not discrediting that it also requires a lot of talent, a lot of business savvy, and a lot of ladder climbing in every aspect of the industry. It’s a beautiful well-oiled machine. Those who have big dreams of creating phenomenal clothes and designs (shoes, belts, bags, etc…) from a young age want their talent acknowledged to the point of brand recognition. Who wouldn’t?! The truth is, there is a lot more at stake, namely something close to slave labor. So when a fashion blogger is touting her wares, what she’s really doing is perpetuating it. Sorry to sound brutal. If the sweat shops aren’t making the authentic Prada goods in Milan, the Asian sweatshops are keeping paces making the knock-offs you get in markets of the world, i.e. China Town in New York City. And I’m not a tea-bagger conservative when I seriously say look for Made in the USA label. Thankfully, we are really getting back there for various economical and personal reasons.

And here, I’m not ashamed to say i shop at resale shops, pretty much exclusively. I can’t remember the last time i went to the mall even! Years. First, why would I pay full price for anything, especially a ‘name brand’ when i don’t have to. (a statement, not a question) I live in a wealthy city of spoiled girls-women who NEVER have to wear the same thing twice. They turn it out to resale shops where I then go get it, humbled and appreciatively, for way less than half. It’s a win-win in my eyes: I’m not contributing to the new manufacturing and I’m saving money on an item. I’m not disclosing this as boastful. I’m cheap and frugal, truthfully.

Fast Company’s instagram pic that set off this train of thought. Actually something I’ve thought about quite thoroughly if you can tell


There is true beauty in the stoic faces of these languid and sculpted models. There is genuine talent and admirable dreams in anyone wanting to make and create a product of any kind. There is nothing wrong with want and What are you paying for??

Also, don’t get me started on dry cleaning! -dry cleaning is expensive, generally toxic, and HORRIBLE for your clothes.

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