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Approaching the New Year and whata year it’s been! I feel like i’m approaching a whole new life for myself. They say (who is they?), well the cliché goes, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’; I am firmly believing this.

I’m really enthusiastic about the path i’m on and the people in my life. I have no doubts, for the first time in a long time; i just have to trust the process.

I sang at Six Flags this past weekend in front of a fairly large theme-park goin crowd. It was fun. I loved it. I wasn’t nervous. 

hanging backstage

















I will be clocking in at least 100 hours over the next 2 months at this studio in Dallas working on the EP, which will be a part of my full album. I have written down album title ideas over the last couple of months and I’m swinging between something of depth like ‘Hedonic Adaptation’ or something superfluous and ridiculously simple like ‘the center of a cinnamon roll’ Ha! just joking. Maybe not. Doesn’t that describe the most perfect delicious thing though!

I am controlling every bit of detail, the when where how, how much, what instrument (lots of cello and violin), and my vocal manipulations and sounds obviously. This is an artist ultimate euphoria; excitement in the bones.

Real Smile!!

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BrockaFa la lah la lah…

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