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I thought I would go on a stream of thought, and i’m glad I did. It’s healthy to take a little personal inventory every once in a while.
The world is so precious & painful
Man has ruined religion
I do not want children
Walking long distances is my favorite cardio
Nature heightens my intuition. I hear things people are thinking.
I can live without all drugs, alcohol, sugar, dairy, & chocolate (all cocoa products)
I can not live without broccoli.
No seriously, if i were homeless & starving, i’d steal broccoli
I hate 90% of colognes & perfumes, & any kind of smelly lotion.
I use less than 1 spray of perfume/week
Ive never really worn deodorant. I don’t sweat until i put it on.
I hate sweating or extreme heat.
As soon as i start to sweat at the gym, im done.
Being out in the sun for more than 2 hrs makes me throw-up, every time
It’s like my body knows, NOTHING to the extreme, in food, in activity, in relationships, in any habit.
I used to be a fan of eating the same thing over & over for months to a year, then changing. Then i started building an allergy to the said food. Now i rotate fruits & veg in 3 day cycles. I don’t like most things, though. I enjoy eating & trying everything, but then i dont want it again. i.e. bone marrow, sweatbreads, liver & onions. I love these things! But i don’t revisit them

I believe that’s how life should be: things should be experienced, places should be visited, various depths of many relationships should be explored. Keep going. keep trying. keep moving.                                                                                                                                                 I need to move. I’ve been in this place too long.                                                                            I need another really great love affair; not good casual sex affair, or casual dating mediocrity.  I’ve had really phenomenal relationships.                                                                  I’m waiting, i know the standard.                                                                                     Everything that is wrong with the world is because of extreme behavior: religious indoctrination, persecution & wars, dis-ease in the body, addictions, political agenda & beliefs, down to the communication within relationships: we’re each locked into our own perspective.                                                                                                                                           There is no one way; that’s why the world is chaos; that’s why in our small individual worlds, we try & make sense and order of it with our habits, our perspectives, our own coincidences & happenstances & self-induced serendipity. I loathe people who admonish other people’s spiritual path, whether it’s to meditate or hug a tree or understand human nature through astrology. You look foolish for finding it ridiculous, because all it displays is close-mindedness. If it makes one happier & does no harm to another human, then that’s what we all need more of.                                                                                                                                                I will continue fucking up as a human & get up on stage to embarrass myself as an artist.  I will wake up the next day & do it again, because that’s what we’re all meant to do, not take ourselves or any of our behavior too seriously.                                                      Balance.

  • Addendum: no matter how many times I tried, I could not get this post to line up to the left side linearly. Goes to show…
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