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Yesterday kicked off the first day of CPAC in Washington, so most are distracted with what the GOP and Republican types are speaking on, complaining about, and rallying for. It is serious business, and 2016 is a big deal. So i figure the only way to get some attention away from that is to mention sex. You guys are so simple. Here we have it: from tech to sex, from innovation to the absurd…

How Spritz Redesigned Reading, Letting You Scan 1,000 Words a Minute This could very well put me on top of the world!

Interesting new live art medium. Women Read Out Loud Until Orgasm This just sounds (pun) absolutely ridiculous and staged. ‘Cubitt’s idea for the project evolved out of those attempts to free perspective from a more traditional narrative.’ He makes a very honest case for pushing boundaries with this visual art.

And for the more tangible and interactive, there are Poetry Whores in Manhattan. They take the burlesque show to a whole other extreme, adding lingerie, candlelight, and intimate readings.

Freakonomics put up a pithy little video outlining Sexual Economics last week. A female writer from Jezebel tore it apart quite well. The video concluded that choice and opportunity favors the male now; the Jezebel writer contradicted this, Sex is Not an Economy and You Are Not Merchandise I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jezebel, because they all come across as angry feminist liberals, but i will give credit where it’s due, and say i agree with her mostly.

And oh how far we have come. Sex and the Industrial Revolution

What is known as the oldest industry still has current relevancy. The economic crises has hit Spain so hard, apparently more woman are entering into prostitution. The ‘Prostitution for Beginners’ Workshop is angering some, obviously.

And there ya have it, sex still sells.

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