Even Edible?

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It has been a disturbing couple of weeks with all the stories out on our foodstuffs: horse meat instead of cow, the incorrect labeling of fish and sushi we consume (putting aside all the bottom feeding truths and crazy levels of mercury), brominated oils in sports drinks, etc…We’ve only just now gotten used to steering clear of partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup! What’s left?! Here’s the easy answer: anything that isn’t in a box or out of a can or through a fast food window, you should do ok.

We’ll some good news is, a high school girl took it upon herself to petition Gatorade to clean up their product, and it worked! Thank you social media..

If you are new to cleaning up your diet and getting in your own kitchen, wanting to have fun learning precise technique, or think you’re a seasoned pro and want to test your OCD skills, this cutting board is awesome!


Please don’t be deterred by these visuals, though you might feel you’ll starve. :/ What 200 calories really looks like



Or if you’re like me and think it’s all gone to hell, let’s stop thinking of any thing as edible and use food for other mediums. Bread table anyone? I wonder how the French feel about this…

Vienna Design Week 2011


BrockaEven Edible?

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