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NOUN :mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation

I would propose most stress and the entire sense of being rushed is self-induced.

We have an I.T. guy who comes to our office twice a week. Necessary. There’s big stuff like managing servers and small stuff like managing personalities whom freak out over small stuff like it’s big. Bless his heart. His disposition is consistently calm which is well-suited to the position.

Don’t we all live with an expectation now of how things should work? Do you remember dial-up?!

These minor delays and inconveniences try to upend good moods or entire days. I find it comical how our hysteria doesn’t correlate with how well and easy we actually have it. Our frustration seems incongruous with most appliances. It’s a thing. We are smarter than things. At least for a little bit longer. Why should an inanimate object get to dictate emotions?

Maybe it’s Apple’s fault, this expectation we have for our tech. There’s little assembly and almost seamless interaction. I have no doubt, all interactions with tech will be self-explanatory one day, especially for those being born now and forever going forward; they will only know of communication with and existing with AI. Concurrently, the more each AI driven tool gets a sense of us too, the fewer moments we will find ourselves irritated. Symbiosis.

If you can not keep calm under these current micro frustrations, how will you manage yourself when nothing is up to you, when all is out of your control?

Rarely are things as crucial as we believe them to be. Everything may be important though. Just manage it. Schedule everything if you have to.

When you have a full time job and exciting side projects and have a little obsessive compulsive disorder about even the minutiae of your life -who has time for a big social life? I see myself rarely-to-never on social media anymore. Precious minutes.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, Twitter wasn’t loathsome.

The IT guy is chatty and sincere. We could talk on a number of topics outside of the office certainly. I also know what I can manage and what I prioritize .

I have to plan downtime. I have to plan relaxation. If you read the latest Books of November post, I didn’t mention why is it taking me forever to finish Dear Leader: My Escape from North Korea -Because I only read it first thing in the morning with my 15-20 minute tea or coffee drinking. I am excited and enthusiastic about each book, just as I am to visit friends and family or sit to writing or go on travels. Everything seems to fall into a time slot though. Yes I’m regimented, and I have to be in order to get in everything I want to do. My weekends always feel slammed. I want to do everything I make time for. At least I’m deliberate. So pardon if I can’t deal with much spontaneity. Understand why it may ignite me so much also.



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