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I gravitate towards attractive packaging 
You called out to me 
Clean and simple, but complex 
-much to the imagination 
I read you for the details 
Are you true to the claims 
Can this sustain me? 
-a short fix to satisfy a craving 
I open you and little comes forth 
Weighted by accumulated ingredients 
What has been taken by all those who wanted you before? 
I don’t have a taste for that 
Hold it back. 
I want to pull you apart 
I end up spilling things out 
-here’s your taste of everything 
Make a mess of a savoring state 
Can I save you, how do I preserve this? 
I want to feel like I have earned it 
As if I don’t deserve you now, I try to ration you out 
Small bites at a time 
-decadence for my mouth and my mind 
I cannot handle you shelved or my cravings 
I cannot delay you 
I settle for eating you.

Original 3-10-04 // Revised and Edited 2-2021 


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