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I go through periods when I remember my dreams very vividly and periods of a week or so where I feel as if I don’t dream at all.

I used to be very into analyzing them using 2 different reference books I still own; I no longer do this, but maybe because I’m fairly familiar with what a lot of the themes represent in association with my life and what is transpiring. Regardless, I find it fascinating that our subconscious can come up with the most random and out of place events or settings.

Truthfully, I feel disconnected from myself in some ways when I don’t remember them.

I love waiting till Im so deliriously sleepy before attempting to sleep; I really dont like lying there and waiting. Last night was immediate, that heavy feeling where you’ve sunken into the bed. I was immediately in a dream-state.

I was sitting at a round table inside a dark loud bar. To the left of me was a guy and a blonde girl. Both were heavily drinking, consistent shots.

At one point i looked over at the girl to find her falling over half in his lap and half holding herself up by the table.

There were dark rings under her sunken eyes and sweaty matted hair sticking to her face; completely drunk.

I leaned over towards him and suggested they should stop drinking.

He ignored me, got up and walked away. While he was gone the waiter came over and brought the check. The guy came back over and wrote on one side of it, then laid it back down with his one-word script of ‘No’ facing up in front of the girl. My first thought was he knew he wouldn’t get anywhere with her and no, he wasn’t paying the check because of it.

I woke up immediately; only 15 minutes had transpired.

When I woke officially this morning, I recalled one more curious. I was in a large home sweeping the wooden floors around a rug (why am i always cleaning in my dreams!! lets not analyze this now) prepping for party guest. My mother and her friend were busy in the background.

There was an SUV parked outside of the house with a cop in the passenger seat. I had walked outside and saw him leaning forward onto the dash, as if passed out.

I opened the door and pulled his gun out of his right holster and casually proceeded to shoot him in the upper back. I recall the gun being very light and the act itself eliciting no emotion whatsoever.

I wiped my prints off with a blanket from the backseat and replaced the gun in his holster. I walked back in the house and went back in to sweeping.

I didn’t tell either my mother or her friend for a while, until there was just an understanding between them of what I had done. The whole vibe from that point was making sure everything looked normal before any guest arrived. There was no anxiety or fear of being found-out for this crime.

It didnt feel like a crime, more of a necessity.

Doing away with authority?

Even if we most likely brush off our dreams or only acknowledge them when mini episodes re-play themselves at random times of our day, they’re still a curious part of us.

Nor is it necessary to be a studied disciple of Carl Jung to desire answers from them. What is interesting though, is considering that all the characters in your dreams are different aspects of your Self/psyche.

Do you remember your’s? Do you ever try and figure out what they’re saying to you, or what they are helping you acknowledge about yourself?

Generally, we brush them off like fleeting thoughts.

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