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Following up on the City book post, thought i’d share about my venture downtown one day last week for clothing fittings to be worn on the following day at a fashion show in the Crescent Court Hotel, a gorgeous iconic hotel in uptown Dallas.

The 200 year old historical building I went to, housing the studios of numerous artists was in Deep Ellum. If you aren’t a Dallasite, this is a neighborhood adjacent to downtown with a myriad of shops, eateries, clubs, and condos. It has always had a grunge biker vibe, but has gone through many transitions over the years, catering to hipsters before the term existed. During the day, it seems sad and vacant. The restaurants are consistently frequented by locals living near or people crossing over the freeway, but no one really lingers long, despite it’s once upon a time destination spot. The art community has definitely made its mark, with commissioned graffiti and sculpture. Once upon a time there was an underpass which connected one part of uptown to the neighborhood, and the entire length was covered in ornate and thought-provoking graffiti. All were sad to see it demolished. There were 2 clubs I used to frequent. One was the more rough Bomb Factory. I was one of 3 white people the night i saw Lauryn Hill and the Fugees. I also heard/saw The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, and Orbital, as well as the badass laser light shows which accompany that kind of house, dance, electronic, tech-rave music. My other fave venue was The Gypsy Tea Room. Just a bar, a small-ish stage and the old wooden floors, but this place showcased fantastic acts. I saw Ray LaMontagne and Racael Yamagata there. The dining destination back then was a place called The Green Room. It was famous for the ‘wine-me, dine-me’ deal. You pay $50 for the chef to bring you a variety of courses with matching wines of his whim and bounty of the evening, not knowing what to anticipate but always knowing it’d be superb. This was original surprise dining before molecular gastronomy took over things.

I never go down there now.

Here’s an article on the fashion show.

Here are 2 galleries of pics from the historical building and the fashion show

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To memories…

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