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One of my favorite excuses for not making my gluten free-vegan dessert business a better success (than I perceived it to have turned out), was the lack of a partner. I hated doing everything alone, let alone mustering up the daily ambition for it. The business side, the baking side, the picture taking-blogging side…I more than often wished i had a partner.

We are in the pop culture age of labeling any prominent well known duo a power-couple. Out of all the cultural nomenclatures, this one bothers me the least. I actually hope that I become part of one, whether as a business pair or a 2 married entrepreneur’s household. Two minds are always better than one, i.e. Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, or every comic book duo. Does the loner always end up lonely? I don’t think so, but there’s never been a James Bond movie where he didn’t rendezvous with a woman. Whether it’s our basic needs or a larger force which drives us, we need one another.

As far as my music goes, I have a lot of ideas to collaborate with other artist; not just with musicians, but art exhibited and food served at my performances. No, it’s nothing new, but I do believe the future of marketing is definitely in pairs: think of the Doritos and Taco Bell success: 3 Reasons Why Co-Making is the Future of Branding

A Furniture Company and Magazine Publisher Move in Together in Berlin

There’s a new home/studio in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC right now where everything from the carpeting to the light fixtures to the coffee table books and clothes in the closets are on sale. This is not only the work of a realtor, but the interior design company, the clothing company, and… Brilliant.

The truth is, regardless of where we end up in business, we all start out individually. This is a great list of Websites For Freelancers, site places to get new work, and how to share your work. Also, this morning Linkedin shared the ‘novel’ concept of finding work through the actual people whom have viewed your profile.

Desperately seeking partner in crime…B/?



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