Doctor’s Prescription

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Just recently saw my doctor for a follow-up and a referral to a specialist. All is fairly ideal and/or needing minor tweaks to optimal. Health is one of those things we kinda take for granted till some thing gnaws at us as acute or chronic. Then, it really does effect EVERYTHING: the day, the week, the month, the World we live in. So appreciative to have my health and limbs and sight and…

I’ve known him for over 10 years and just now heard an in-depth personal history he shared. In our conversation about my book reading he casually shared how his mom had committed suicide when he was 10. His father was a never-around alcoholic womanizer so my doctor essentially raised himself till he could move-in with other relatives as a late teen before college. He had a glasses-wearing teacher/librarian that acted like he couldnt see well, thus tricking my doctor into reading various things ‘to let me know what this is about and come report back to me’ deal. Of course, this story is the typical cliché of tough-kid exterior as secret book whisperer, covering ALL the classics plus plus…  But considering the path he could have taken as a neglected wayward delinquent, sure is wonderful to hear another example of education and intelligence springing out of the same well. He aced entrance exams, went on to chemistry, biology, and history degrees..

Even ‘fictional’ reading can teach us more about ourselves than we care to admit out loud.

The other important parting advice was regarding healthcare cost…oh Obamacare. Get a high-deductible with a low monthly payment but still keep savings tucked away for that emergency. I pay a lot per month to be in really good health and not use it; it is too ridiculous. But, I can’t live without it  either :/ Also, he said in all his years of reading trials and vitamin studies, the absolutely best thing to take for low iron are Flinstone children’s chewables with iron. I knew I was on to something! (other than acting like a kid 😉 


BrockaDoctor’s Prescription

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