Cost of Complacency

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“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” -Seth Godin

Doing drugs is the same as not adding value, to your life, and to people in your life. It’s like each time you participate in any addictive behavior, you’re choosing to sit-out from other more constructive things. With the new legislation in a couple states allowing pot sales and smoking, it’s hard to not reflect on. I’m not one of those persons whom argues ‘it’s a better addiction than alcohol; at least it doesnt cause fatalities and as destructive behavior.’ What bothers me most about pot is the exact opposite response it elicits: laziness and complacency. That is why people enjoy it, to relax. The world is stressful; but society doesn’t need more lazy people. 

 Your brain on marijuana

 The full (short) post on adding value. It is a really great concept to reflect on.

Are you adding value, taking it away, or just sitting it out?

It’s Monday; kick the week’s ass!

BrockaCost of Complacency

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