Context is Key

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I once went on a date with a golf pro, turned private golf lesson giver. He ate a cheeseburger and french fries with a knife and fork. We never went out again despite his enthusiasm. Plus, I’ve never been into ‘pretty boys’.

The first time I went to Italy, I saw people eat pizza with a knife and fork; they also put corn on pizza!…

We are currently living in a time of people wearing gym clothes to travel or grocery shop.

We are also living on a planet of over 7 billion people -so it’s sure as hell difficult to classify anyone to anything anymore. No one is one dimensional. And whatever is being projected is never and will never be the full story.

Do you know how you are coming across or presenting yourself though? It’s easy to say, ‘throw caution to the wind, stop judging others, to each their own’ But considering our species has evolved entirely on responding to stimuli based off first impressions and fight or flight survival scenarios, I will continue making general observations about my environment; and i will behave accordingly. I won’t use a fork and knife on a slice of pie in NYC. I did use utensils the last time I was in Venice though.

I will never deem it personally ok to look slovenly while traveling through the airport or dining out with friends and family. Some people appear to hold themselves in such low regard or internal disrespect apparently.

A few months back, I filmed a youtube video of myself giving book reviews. The environment, my attire-dress, my eloquent delivery…all spot-on. But I didn’t publish the video (haven’t-won’t) because my posture was horrible. I was slouched and that is not me. I am actually a stickler about posture. Inevitably I will come back to the theme, concept, as I know it is something I can do consistently even more so than producing music and putting out a video. I read everyday. I’m not in the studio singing everyday.

Anyhow, all components may have been right, but if you’re gonna do it- do it right. I am very hard on myself and will always be.  I often remind myself that others aren’t so self-aware and thus, I have no place to view others under the same microscopic lens I view myself; this is the main reason why i call myself an asshole on social media.

I am not perfect and I’ve never pretended to be and no one is and never will be, ok. Plus, our behavior is often based on the situation we are in, who we are corresponding with, what environment we are or not dressing for, whether it is appropriate to use your hands or knife and fork…it’s all relative. Everything is relative.

Yes it is too damn easy to make rash judgements.

Am I being fair to myself or others? Does it really matter at the end of the day?

Most things, often times: No.

Let go and let live.

Thank you for your time.

BrockaContext is Key

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