Consistency Over Content

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This little 3 word theme has been weighing on me recently, a lot. I am very good at the study, absorption of information, the over-thinking, and the editing editing editing; most perfectionist are. But in the world of sensory overload, abundance of information and entertainment, the only way to build a brand and keep the attention of your customers (or viewers or listeners, etc…) you must be consistent! The message or the product becomes forgotten about when the marketer isn’t. 

Can you imagine a company ever running just one ad or a musician only performing their song just one time?! It’s absurd. This is why consistency is more important than content often.

We all have short attention spans as a by-product of all coming at us and grabbing for our attention daily. No point denying it. Granted we discipline ourselves to make time for specific important things. After a social media meeting yesterday, I can no longer afford the lack of interaction. My whole life is shifting gears and I have to flow with the tide or drown, metaphorically. This is my new declaration. I will sink or swim. 

After the disaster of the Sandy storm, more of our blessings get counted. Again, the content or ‘stuff’ is really less important than the effect of having it, the comfort of knowing it is there: our homes, our loved ones, our health…the consistency is what we count on.  

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BrockaConsistency Over Content

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