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The great thing about CSPAN is how they set up cameras & let things roll.
This is from a prayer breakfast last Thursday. It’s a minor surprise with Obama there, since he didnt attend in ’09 & only formally acknowledged it then.
Dr. Ben Carson is a surgeon with no political ties or force behind him. He has definitely not been spoon-fed to us. During this lecture he gets into his personal beliefs, regardless of the president’s appearance. He tears into political correctness. He tears into the national debt, thank G*d! Obama needs to be beat over the head with this. He also highlights his impoverished background and mentions the importance of book reading over tv watching; that’s when I swooned. It gets better towards the end too. And it gets better the more times you watch it.

Is the slogan ‘Ben Carson for President’ too far fetched?

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BrockaConservatives Swoon

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