Come & Go

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You hear yourself say it, but you probably haven’t associated it with physics. ‘When one door closes, another door or window opens.’ Here, a vacuum is created, and matter goes to fill an empty space. Everything depends on physics. Regarding our personal lives, people come and people go. Trite and true. One can only hope, the next iteration is better than the last.  

The grandmother of a Chinese woman I know says, ‘whether in joy or in pain, learning to see it come and watch it leave, with the same steadiness of heart is the key to peace of mind.’ 

I told my friend, ‘This is another version of Stoicism.’  

Things evolve through time, yet stay the same. 

These two aforementioned thoughts have been on my mind the last few weeks. 

Casper David Friedrich


Highlighting previous writing seems to be what all the cool kids online do the week after Christmas and before New Year’s, so I’d like to raise awareness to two of my personal favorites which flew under the radar. If you’re a new reader, I vacillate between reflective post and short story. Everything under five minutes! 

London bars and spycraft; based on true events. 4 min read

Intimate communication between lovers or friends. 2 min read 

BrockaCome & Go

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