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Well that was embarrassing. The last post, Rollercoasters Beat Coasting, I’ve deleted it. It lacked all context and backstory to make sense of why I was bringing up a vlog or my grandmother. Simply, it was a rambling mess of whining narcissism. The upside is I did go back and read it. One thing I never do is go back and re-read anything I’ve written. I once saw a clip of an interview with Nicole Kidman and she said she never watches the movie she played a character in. Why suffer through the inner critic (her words) or utter humiliation (my words)?

When I was in the trenches of music writing I did go back and read through some old stacks of poems and just as I presumed, it was obnoxious trying too hard. Even the most dedicated reader prefers basic sense, elegant flow without flowery language. The best writing is written exactly the way the writer speaks.

Another thing I’m about to do which I’ve never done before is give up something for Lent. I’m not Catholic so that explains that. For me, the self-actualization far outweighs religion here.

One thing I haven’t done in a very long time on this blog is share some link love. This particular writer is a wordie, in the way chefs and food writers-reviewers are foodies. He may even be an actual philologist. A recent post titled Turn the Other Cheek had a great resonance for me. It is very important to clarify what ‘eye for an eye’ really means, and he distills this small bit within Mathew (the first book of The New Testament) wonderfully.

A bit more link recognition comes via podcasts! -the exclamation point is poignant as I really am an addict. If you follow me on twitter you see just a smidgen of what I enjoy when I retweet an occasional episode. After last count I’m up to 40. Granted I don’t listen to 40 everyday or every episode of any one. I may just download to hear one conversation then keep it in the line to investigate if there’s some other gem I may enjoy from it. Such as history podcast: of the English language, of France, stuff you missed in history class.

I do enjoy the interview style ones the most: Tim Ferris, David Axelrod, and Sam Harris. I have a solid 5 political ones I’m habitually dedicated to. And then there’s the {joy in information} ones: health with Kimberly Snyder, history with Mike Rowe, food science, food history, anthropology, etc…

2 recent true-life driven ones are Crimetown (mafioso life in Boston) and Detective by Investigation Discovery. Currently in the 3rd season of Detective. Each season is story-interview with a now retired, seasoned veteran of police force. The first season was definitely the best so far, but no less fascinating.

The obvious observation here is lack of silence. Within 45  minutes of waking I have one playing out, firstly Marketplace from the night before. They have temporarily taken over my creative thinking brain too. This saddens me for a moment until I acknowledge I really won’t be producing any new music soon. And there are many hours in my work week when i’m doing data entry, so having interest to listen to simultaneously keeps me from being significantly more bored with my job. So it’s a bit of a win-win I suppose, I get to delve into some personal interest while working.

Coincidentally similar to my last post about podcasts, I have actually spent the entire day in silence. Balance in all things really.

This is more than enough for now; I mainly just wanted to clarify -that I haven’t lost my mind.

My largest objectives for this blog space and my life space are still in the tweeking and minimizing process again. There is a time crunch. I’m vacationing soon then moving once again.

Will share when I can.


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