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I’m behind on writing but certainly not inspiration.

Is it procrastination or lack of motivation? What is propelling me now… As I hover over my life, what actions do I see myself taking?

It is good to know what one is motivated by: money; attention; notoriety. It is good to know why one procrastinates: laziness; absolute perfection; fear of incompetence.

In our current environs, enjoyment of life doesn’t necessarily demand vocal declaration and shared memorializing. Every meal, every outfit, every landscape.

Satisfaction is its own reward.

In some ways I’m seeking a comfortable stride, in other ways I’m finding new footing.

I reflect on my creative endeavors and the next ones I want to pursue. I’m excited and monotone simultaneously.

I wrote my first new song two weeks ago. I’m really feeling it, but I can’t give it more credence till it’s being actualized.

I’m organizing the puzzle pieces of anecdotes I’ve been collecting all these years, but again, I can’t say what one story it will concisely tell.

I’m researching for a prototype, an interior design item I’ve personally coveted and made my own but have yet to see mainstream and/or marketed.

There’s a lot on my mind about our American state of affairs, the economy, the future of destructive ideas, the ignorance of what gets spotlighted and highlighted and aggregated by the most extreme factions on the pendulum. I soak up debate and intelligent dialogue expressionless.

So yeah, there’s a lot. There always is -and- forever going forward will be. It’s a decision of choice and then focus; has always been, too.

Choose and then Focus. Course of action followed by determination.

My recent trip to Vail, Colorado and the hike especially, was the perfect reset, recharge, and deep breath I needed. Many deep breaths.

Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado


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