Change or Circumstance

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Is it fluff and clouds to daydream and eagerly anticipate under the influence of New Year’s champagne? Something about it and birth day reflections pull us into ourselves, manifest a cliché we hate to acknowledge. A chance to recalibrate. There is a sincere honesty when we are being most hopeful; an aspiration towards our better selves. I’m not setting nor seeking resolutions. I have enough issues with overcommitment. I am recognizing circumstances, I am recognizing my behavior in accordance with them…

on writing

Ad nauseam within this space, I seem to yearly reflect on what kind of writer I want to be; which always comes back to how much I want to express.

When you are distressed by an external thing, it’s not the thing itself that troubles you, but only your judgment of it. And you can wipe this out at a moment’s notice. – Marcus Aurelius

My pathetic lazy self often considers just shutting this down.

This conflicts with the desire to post here everyday obviously. Writing is absolutely what most of us need more of though. Getting thought and ideas out of the mind, they often land making more sense. Writing, better constructs arguments, illustrates points, finds avenues a simple thought wouldn’t have gone down. My once a week routine has held me somewhat accountable, but not nearly enough. I’ve come to appreciate it, ethereal or not. In this past year though, I have sat down to do the writing I’ve always wanted to. There is no immediacy but an exaltation when enveloped in it. I can’t deny that. I can’t deny the joy in getting to help others find their specific words.

on business

I love having the word. I was once upon a time chastised for interrupting. Now I know myself as an active listener; I’m paying the most attention actually. I am your enabler, emphasizing what it is you want to say. There is a word for EVERYTHING, just as there are entirely different lexicons for as many industries. When we have the correct words, themes, and concepts, we are better understood and understanding. This is a why a lot of social media has become especially toxic. The platform wasn’t built for explaining but for making a point. This is also why having a good foundational knowledge of history is crucial. It gives everything we see some framework.

on personal

Regardless of where we are, we are on a ladder. We see there are some below us. We will look up and see those doing and having better than us. This is life. This circumstance does not change.

As a megawatt reader (very worn out with the word prolific. let’s start using megawatt 🙂  there are a few (literally) bloggers of which I especially like their style. These three are in no way a comprehensive sampling of the number of newsletters and bloggers nor the themes and variance in which I engage.

Seth Godin // Bob Lefsetz // Bitches Gotta Eat

They are the spectrum. They go from brevity to bounty. They range from the compact, business reflective, to the more fluid, industry and society reflections, to the stream of thought down an utterly frank and almost preposterous rabbit hole. In appreciating each of their styles, I wonder about what I can get away with here. Numbers don’t lie; and I need to see…

We change in order to better change a circumstance; but if we do not change, we have very little say in the outcome. 

Happy New Year! Excited about 2018.


BrockaChange or Circumstance

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