What Will You Create?

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Last night was the first Icarus Session, instigated by Seth Godin. Via his blog, he launched the idea for like-minded people to form groups in their cities through Meetup.com and come together for the sake of creativity. I attended the Dallas mini gathering. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is a brilliant mind of entrepreneurship. He was the originator of spreading ideas through PDF files; even Guy Kawasaki is a disciple of sorts. Wiki or Google or whatever you want. If you are more than a corporate robot with any inclination towards creative expression and a desire to share it with the world, you should follow his blog His ideas and books and lectures have become so prolific over the … Read More

BrockaWhat Will You Create?

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

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-Aristotle  Essentially this means, where there is an empty space, matter goes to fill it. This being said, I am no longer involved in my dessert business. Over the last week, sadly, I have been devastating clients as I’ve let them know I’m no longer pursuing the business. I have closed down shop, metaphorically. My dessert site will be changing to more of a desserts blog, because I do still have a creative, healthy desserts taste bud. 12 years ago when I first got into the massage business, I knew at the outset, it was merely for a trade skill and not a career path. Similarly, when I started the dessert business 6 years ago, I knew I didn’t want … Read More

BrockaNature Abhors a Vacuum