The Olympics

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Confession: I don’t watch the Olympics. But don’t take it personally; I never turn on my tv to watch anything, really. BUT, there are very few better examples of discipline. I greatly admire the characters of people participating, their focus and patience with themselves in order to achieve the goal. Very few of us live our lives toward such mastership. The pic was taken in Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of my Europe trip. 

BrockaThe Olympics

Rome Images: 1st Sampling

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Walk walk walk everywhere…     Swiss Guards @ Vatican; they are all over Europe, seem to have to monopoly on elite safety measures :/ old ruins, original Roman road

BrockaRome Images: 1st Sampling

Dining: Alinea in Chicago

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It is not just dining; it’s an experience. It is not just tasting, but engaging all your senses. Participating is not what you expect, utensils and applications are not typical. This is not one plate, fork and knife comfort food. This is multiple tiny surprises that culminate into anticipated pleasure. There is no monotony; there is anxiousness and excitement. The end result is like leaving a play of many acts or a gallery of gorgeous paintings, thus resulting in an appreciation for art and a new pleasure found. The added benefit is not being hungry. The more expensive a meal is, the more hands have touched every component of the plate. There is so much attention to detail and delicate … Read More

BrockaDining: Alinea in Chicago