Human Complexity

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There was a welcoming and pre-screening for press and volunteers covering the International Documentary Film Festival a couple nights prior to the official launch of its 25th year running; what an achievement. We were surprised with 2 shorter films. I would personally define documentaries simply: anyone anywhere doing anything captured on film lasting any length of time, from 30 seconds to 30 days and beyond. Such is the actual complexity of humans too, varied and expansive. This is why 2 weeks of almost 300 screenings, there is something for everyone. This is also why, for the first time in my life, i will go to a movie at 10am. It’s a marathon trying to view all one may find insightful, … Read More

BrockaHuman Complexity

Let’s Leave Paris

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It’s rich: in food, in history, in layers of society and arts/cultural options. It’s romantic: in cozy bistros, at the park, under the Eiffel tower lights, or just walking on the glistening roads that stay wet with rain. The rain doesn’t seem to damper the idealism. But the sensory overload and expectations that travelers project onto the setting can make for an exhaustive experience. I recommend going alone or with someone you are in love with. The last 2 picture galleries before heading to London… [nggallery id=10]

BrockaLet’s Leave Paris

Paris, Typical

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Here are a handful of images that *really* represent some of the stereotypes and/or day to day life in Paris. Plus, a pic of me (at the end) very representative of myself!  [nggallery id=8]

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Paris. Versailles. Napoleon’s Apartment

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I was starting to feel road-weary by the time I got to Paris. I also spent the most of my time here. So, the first 2 days I wanted to knock out with a tour guide and fill up my belt, and then have the remaining days to backtrack or explore my own interest. I’ve been to Paris 3 times now, so I didn’t recap on anything I have already experienced like Pere Lachaise cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried, or the catacombs or some various other places. I did go to the castle of Versailles for the second time and the Louvre Museum for the second time, mainly because they are so huge, one visit isn’t enough. This first … Read More

BrockaParis. Versailles. Napoleon’s Apartment

Vienna…for real

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As I said ‘spy headquarters’. Austria, Germany, and London have some of the best and oldest gun/artillery shops in Europe. The young guy working commission is especially excited and naive about what he has in stock. He can’t disregard who his next buyer may be. But truthfully, when I asked him whom he thought would be purchasing said items “Oh a Russian, definitely. They’re the only ones really.’ My $.02, because they’re gaudy. [nggallery id=4]  

BrockaVienna…for real