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Following up on the City book post, thought i’d share about my venture downtown one day last week for clothing fittings to be worn on the following day at a fashion show in the Crescent Court Hotel, a gorgeous iconic hotel in uptown Dallas. The 200 year old historical building I went to, housing the studios of numerous artists was in Deep Ellum. If you aren’t a Dallasite, this is a neighborhood adjacent to downtown with a myriad of shops, eateries, clubs, and condos. It has always had a grunge biker vibe, but has gone through many transitions over the years, catering to hipsters before the term existed. During the day, it seems sad and vacant. The restaurants are consistently … Read More

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Big City Girl

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“In the beginning was the city. Before mankind existed, before even the primeval sea had fully receded from the land, Marduk, the creator of everything, made the city…the name of the first city was called Eridu.” This was written on a clay tablet dating back 2,5000 years. It was written in Babylonian as well as the older Sumerian language. It is a real place outside of Iraq. Purchased out of curiosity, I immensely enjoyed City, A Guidebook for the Urban Age. I anticipated it would cover the evolution of our cities but was pleasantly surprised by how thorough the research would be. So many insights into all the actual components of a city: the building of skyscrapers which make up … Read More

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Mellow Yellow

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Yesterday, the day was dreary and cold. I was gratefully on the upswing recovering from the worst sickness i’ve experienced since I was little. Ear infections. They plagued me as a child. Thank you antibiotics, steroid shot, and some tylenol with codeine for extra measure. Woot! The worst part of the congestion is not being able to sing. But I always put things in perspective: it’s nothing as bad as being a Michelin rated chef, James Beard awarded, original proponent of delicious molecular gastronomy and learning you have tongue cancer, unable to taste the food you prepare. Riveting book on Grant Achatz of the restaurant Alinea in Chicago. Goes down as my top meal experienced this year. Review of the … Read More

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Amsterdam, in Conclusion

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The remaining images from the trip, with footnotes under each.  Now we can move on to our regularly scheduled programming: Books! Duh… Reading so much greatness currently, cant wait to share. [nggallery id=18]

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Cold weather has no appeal for me. I’ve never been snow skiing, nor do i have any desire. My disposition and body have been known to completely shut down at the slightest chill. Now that being said, I am a fairly adaptable person, when i want to be. I knew it was going to be cold when i arrived in Amsterdam, so I packed for it. One thing I didnt expect was my full-on enthusiasm for running in 35* weather every morning. Surprised the hell out of me! Of course as soon as I’m home trying to do it, my ankles are killing me, go figure. I think running is horrible for the body anyway. Back to the gym. This … Read More