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Another of life’s inevitabilities. When i play my songs for people, my voice is compared to Sarah McLachlan by 3 out of 5. Not the same music style, but this makes me happy. And i’m getting closer to done, a couple music videos to go, but getting ANXIOUS to share with EVERYBODY! Some of you may geek-out on this Science Fiction Spaceships Comparison When you are being interviewed for a job, you are absolutely being compared to the other applicants. Check out these more obscure interview questions from Apple, Google, and Amazon I’m a minimalist when it comes to home decor (& in my monochromatic dressing) I love how these city posters are similarly designed using the icons of each … Read More


Love and Loss

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Love. Universal; and just as many ways to express it, feel it, and describe it. This video uses scientific visuals to artistically illustrate love. My favorite is the first of the six. What Love Looks Like, videos 1-6 from Tangible Graphics on Vimeo. Stunning and provocative. Surreal landscapes made with the human body. Well this is curious. I really can’t imagine wanting to meet some stranger on the public transportation offered in Dallas. But for European cities which rely entirely on metros and subways, your chances of meeting someone decent may increase. ‘Prague transportation officials have suggested a novel way to help combat big city loneliness: introducing singles cars on the Prague metro’ Love in the Time of Public Transportation Even if … Read More

BrockaLove and Loss

Practical And Possible

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I’ve been reflecting on how often the answers are ‘right in front of your face’. It sure does make things easier when we believe this and apply it to our creativity, brainstorming business ideas or questioning personal relationships. Where we live is less subject to change. I totally geeked-out on this site. Click on your own state and see how things measure up. From employment to education…The Opportunity Index. I am all about efficiency and multi-purpose tools. Check out this (very masculine) billybadass ring Is anything impossible? 11 Mind Blowing Technologies That Are Actually Real Today’s Seth Godin post is poignant ‘Not even once? It’s so easy to have a black and white list of the things you’re not capable … Read More

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The Future

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I always harp on fast food. Truthfully, I would eat it if it were healthy. What makes it cheap is obviously the mass-production and removal of all traces of wholesomeness. This is why healthier alternatives have a hard time being both fast and inexpensive. But, people are doing it. Dallas even has a place called Start. It may take a few minutes longer and cost a few dollars more, but there is a growing demand for quality AND convenience. Finally, healthy fast food places are really on the rise now, thank heavens. How can you not think of movies like The Terminator or Total Recall when you come across questions like this one? When Will Smartglasses and Other Wearable Computers Hit … Read More

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The reason behind those stern looks of the Victorian era have finally been explained. Check out this awesome history of photography I love history. I especially love the seedy side of history. Humans are such clever, manipulative and ‘noir’ creatures. Are some of us still living out the primitive, survival of the fittest scenarios? Check out the 10 greatest heists in history. Whether some part of you wants to be stealthy & sleuth like James Bond, or you just appreciate great tech, here are some super cool 2GB USB cuff links. I want!