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I took one. Priorities. Perspective. Recalibration. Always a good thing. 😉 And this is pretty much how I felt.   Check out these other crazy images of people testing gravity. Yikes. One of the most crazy, hysterical actors in Hollyweird, LA is Will Ferrell, undisputedly. Since it’s the weekend, you may have time for this great podcast/interview he just did. This link is considered an eavesdropper’s paradise. This is a great link for hacker news on music articles and songs. Sadly for some, My Chemical Romance broke up. Have a swell weekend. I’m back to running at optimum.  



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Grammy Night, let’s talk music. This cracks me up so much. It’s current but the costuming and location are very dated. It could be a modern version of a slavic person seeking an escape from their country, or asking to become a foreign bride? :/ Can’t.stop.laughing. ‘If youre in a hot country and ‘reading this’, come and save me…’ Here’s a look of science behind singing. The British guy Sivu made a music video for his most recent song out of 3 takes of brain scans during the singing process. Interesting. Loving a few of his songs currently. Since the Grammy’s are celebrating the year of vocal acts, here is a mashup of more obscure songs from the past year; just … Read More


V is for Vulnerable

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There is a person I barely know, yet weighs such a heavy presence in my mind. I admire him, I suppose. Thus, his opinion matters to me. We are very different people, and I have these oddly random moments of reflection regarding my music: will he like it? His taste are very different. I’ve subsequently realized his presence isn’t about him, but the general concept of him. I am continuing to create exactly as I am always, knowing intellectually not everyone will like it; and this is ok. Not everyone should, that would be boring.  Another factor to consider, we can NEVER control or anticipate how another person will respond to our behavior. He might surprise me, and really like … Read More

BrockaV is for Vulnerable