The Backside of History

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In the United States, in 1894, the Greenbackers, a party wanting to detach the dollar from gold entirely, to allow the government to spend freely on job creation campaigns, invented the idea of March on Washington.  L.Frank Baum’s book, The Wizard of Oz , appeared in 1900 and is said to be a parable for the Populist campaign of William Jennings Bryan, whom had run for president twice on the notion of replacing the gold standard with a bimetallic system, adding silver. As with the Greenbackers, one of the main constituencies for the movement was debtors: particularly, Midwestern farm families such as Dorothy’s, who’d been facing a massive wave of foreclosures since the recession of the 1890’s. According to the … Read More

BrockaThe Backside of History

Sensory Overload

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I rarely go to the movies, and every time I do, I wonder why I don’t go more often. I enjoy getting wrapped up and all-consumed by something, while simultaneously resting my exhausting personal thoughts. I have heard nothing about the movie Killer Joe; it seems to have no marketing. Both Angelika theaters (art house) in Dallas are playing it. It has some A and B list actors, main one being Mathew Mcconaughey, 2nd being Thomas Hayden Church. They are both so perfect here. Roles of their career…that no one will see. It is sick, twisted, intense, disgusting, brilliantly shot, perfectly cast and hard to digest. The setting: trailer park white trash outskirts of ‘Dallas’ (I didn’t recognize anything) The … Read More

BrockaSensory Overload

Read For the Raw Truth

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The 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens is today. I love reading, love love love it! When people ask me what I enjoy most, I always say the same thing, ‘I will read anything, even sci-fi, except Harlequin romance.’ It’s similar to my dictum that I will listen to any music, except twangy country or big brassy band. There are people that only read for pleasure, mostly fiction. And there are people that believe, should the time be invested, it may as well be for the knowledge in non-fiction. It is often said during school that reading history helps us to not only understand the past, but anticipate similar scenarios in the future and be better prepared for repeated unfortunate cycles … Read More

BrockaRead For the Raw Truth

Four Feast and One Foodie

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In a compulsive desire to absorb as much as I can, I always stack my reading: magazines and books of varying degree and topic. Its easier to read a narrative and a non-fiction simultaneously as the themes never seem to over-lap. This past month proved a different fate. I found myself engrossed with one omnivore frenchman, a conscientious omnivore, a “frenchie” baker, and an alternative baker. The fast and delightful read was David Lebovitz’s “The Sweet Life in Paris.” I have taken his item-specific classes when he passed through Dallas on occasion, (i.e chocolate series and ice cream making) so i was excited to get ahold of a more personal scoop on the man. He is very whimsical with ideas … Read More

BrockaFour Feast and One Foodie