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If you’ve read my words long enough, you know how much I love spontaneity. These decisions tend to be the ones which really create our life.

But we live in a world of abundance and options, so our instincts become derailed by distractions.

I have stood firm on what I want, and I have also needed daily reminders from the inner voice to be patient. I do not need to be spontaneous. I have time. If I haven’t felt an immediate YES and GO, I just dilly dallied and never shot the bullet or filled in the paper work; or procrastinated the decision long enough till it rescinded itself or was taken away as an option. The common colloquialism is ‘sleeping on it’, but no one sleeps on it! We fall into a restless slumber and wake too early still thinking about it with anxiety. This is what the saying really means.

‘Moneyball’ author Michael Lewis says being lazy is the key to success.

Like all headlines, the title is a tad exaggerated. The lazy isn’t useless or ignorant, it’s a necessary stalling tactic really. {applaud}

My best girlfriend (since I was 8 years old) is one of these people. She is calm capital C. There is no sense of urgency with her. She can put off a decision till the bomb is about to blow and seconds remain. I have NEVER seen her not have a positive turn-out. On paper she has an ideal life. [everyone is human and carries a pain or anger] So obviously this has worked.

A different girlfriend whom entered my life at the same time, always told me through our blossoming and withering years ‘patience is a virtue, and you don’t have it.’

I’ve carried both of these influences simultaneously. -plus my insights and results driven examples of spontaneity.

I know when I’m down to the wire I will make the best decision. I know I can be patient. I don’t need to know before I need to know.

I am hyper-aware of the root in most of my decision making: a sense of calm.

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