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Oh geez, I post one pic of some luxury vehicles, and then presumed to be shallow because I admire quality craftsmanship. Give me a break! Tells you more about the other person’s  issues with money. No, i do not put value in material goods, but i do value quality. Big difference.

Designing is not only a creative drive, but as I mentioned in the last post, a necessary component of evolving. Beyond aesthetics, how does this object make my life easier? I always ask ‘is it efficient?’. Art generally falls into the playful, enjoyable arena. Do we need it to do anything for us, other than make us feel good…rhetorical, but no. That’s why it is art.

Visual News is one of my favorite blogs and they’ve compiled their 2013 Design Awards Submissions. Quite a few goodies; a couple unnecessary, like the bulky bracelets.


I gravitate back towards practical things. These cufflinks with built in knife are right up my alley. Love



This scientific fact I’ve always presumed, mainly because nature is so fluid and random; it seemed obvious to me anyway, since I am a fan of escaping to the playground on weather permitting days and swinging on the swing set. I don’t know why ‘the existence of animal play is something of an intellectual scandal.’. Like just creating art to feel good and make the world around us easier to live in, ‘What’s the Point if We Can’t Have Fun?’ This article examines the theory that play isn’t a choice of conscious beings but a property of the basic randomness of physics.

Admiring beautiful ‘things’ just because it feels good 😉


BrockaBright and Shiny and Playful

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