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When we discuss big numbers, like billions or government debt, it’s very hard to visualize. This site serves as a literal representation of the busy-ness on the internet. Mind-boggling to say the least, but super cool to SEE. Every Second on the Internet just start scrolling…

We are all on social media. A public figure has a more fragile platform. This is a little funny. Visualizing the Mind of Controversy-ridden Anthony Weiner



Yes, Yes, Yes! I am a firm believer in ‘thoughts become things, so choose the good ones.’ Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities Beyond Normal Limits. Like I said in the last post, what matters is on the mind, and similarly mind is matter. We create energy with our thoughts.

And when you have completely exhausted your brain, lie down on this squishy light. I think, yes I’ll relax and generate another brilliant idea! I would be lying (pun) if I didn’t think it great to have been made by a German company.



I believe it was about 2 years ago, NASA came out with a study determining the perfect napping length; it was 23 minutes. I firmly agree. It takes me a handful of minutes to decompress and then i end up with a solid 15 minute nap. It’s recharging to say the least. They are not lazy, they are healthy! It’s the weekend, maybe you can practice.                 The Science Behind Why Power Naps Help You Stay Productive and Creative


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