Bookending Days

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I bookend my days with reading; in the quiet morning and in the closing down of the night. Yesterday was rather curious as it had bookends within itself. I went on a 4 mile walk in the late morning. It was a bit overcast, cool, breezy. I 100% knew rain was coming but wasn’t sure when, so I didn’t let this deter me. About halfway to my turning around point, it started to drizzle a soft mist. It stayed this way and maintained a steady soft pour during my entire trek. I had on a baseball cap which made the experience considerably easier to handle. Just not having rain in your face means basically, you’re only getting wet. I delighted in the whole damn thing. I was reminded of my desire to go to Vietnam and how getting caught in a tropical storm is almost inevitable, guaranteed when I want to visit. I held my head up high and took noticeable deep breaths at the one busy intersection, where I know few were seeing me from their cars thinking how awful it would be to get caught out in the rain; yet I willingly did this and was also [shocker!] enjoying it. How could I not ponder the ridiculous behavior of projecting feelings onto other people from our very individualized places? Yet we all do it so casually, almost involuntarily. So this was the beginning of the day.

agate bookends

Generally, I’ve been working on some behind the scenes and organizational stuff for this blog, to make it better. Something so utterly obvious was brought to my attention by a reader, and now I’m fighting the personal embarrassment for having gone so long missing the most consistent thing I preach. How have I gotten this far without a separate clickable pages(s) link noting books I’ve read, am reading, will read, plus reviews? There will always be room for improvement. Also worth noting, why do some enigmatic parts of ourselves hide from the limelight?

Of note, a dear friend and entrepreneur has launched Valuable and Rare. This thrills me to no end, so I will surely be speaking on it more and consistently in due time. Please sign up if it interest you.

“Rare books are the surviving relics of humankind’s very first steps into the world of portable information storage and mass communication – a field of study that’s meant a great deal to me personally over the past two decades as an early architect of the web. My goal is to bridge the two worlds by building a living web directory to index and connect all the collectors who preserve this valuable history for the rest of us. I work on location from various bookstores, libraries, and private collectors’ homes each week, and document the development process here on the blog as I continue to learn and build. If you’re a serious collector, I’d like to hear from you about how I can help you with this project, by focusing on more efficient communication and connection between you and other collectors like you.” 

I am also still rough drafting, toiling along on that epic food and diet piece I do want to post before fall. I’m of the belief it will be a solid, good long read. I’m of the more fantastical belief I can turn it into a downloadable ebook. It’s too multi-layered a topic to write in one summation.

In the mid afternoon, I had gone to a small gathering. On my way home in the early evening hours, still in a more residential area than back on the freeway, I was about one full street block behind a tiny silver box of a car. They weren’t necessarily speeding, just slightly over the limit. But 20 feet before a flashing red lights four-way stop, I did not see his break lights go on. I knew what was about to happen. He plowed on through, almost through. A big black SUV smashed in the whole passenger side. All the air bags deployed. It was beyond startling. I saw this right before it happened, and I was stopped and frozen in my car. When the whole scene played itself out, there was this moment of calm stillness. Just as quickly, thank god, the passenger door of the smashed car flew open and a black teenage girl burst out running full speed in one direction. After about 25 feet, she froze. Then she turned and ran the other way just as quickly and stopped just as short. I was witnessing fight or flight. I was seeing exactly how scared trapped animals ping back and forth in a cage with no idea where to go or how to escape. I was scared for her fear. This was all of us, animals. But she was mobile and very alive; thanking god again. Now both drivers of these two cars were out. I was still immobile, as maybe 30 more seconds had passed. Other drivers approaching were out offering assistance, calling 911, etc…When I did get to move around the scene, the black girl was pummeling the driver, a scrawny white teenage boy, with her fist, screaming bloody murder ‘Why didn’t you stop’! over and over. It all looked terribly worse than it was. Since the SUV had only just accelerated through the stop, he couldn’t have been over 15 miles. And cheap cars scatter more damage. I can’t help but think how much more tragic this could’ve been for these kids and their families. Everything can change in seconds. So that was the end of my day.

Time can go by so quickly, drag on forever, and also stand completely still.

I got home and cleaned my condo pretty well for over an hour. I find it to be meditative and relaxing for my mind. I just couldn’t sit down for a while.

Ending this on a more upbeat note, I still can’t recommend Joe Rogan Experience podcast enough. I have been barreling through his stock of awesome interviews like a new addiction. Yesterday on my walk, Sean Carroll, cosmologist and physics professor. In the last week, Peter Schiff financial economist, entrepreneur, global strategist; Mike Baker, CIA covert operations officer, Jocko Willink (whom I’ve been a fan of awhile-has his own podcast) Navy SEAL, war veteran; Mike Mallice, author of Dear Reader, An Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il. He lived in North Korea in 2011 and wrote a tragic and profoundly devastating exposé of it all. This morning during my weekly meal prep, I listened to Jon Ronson, Welsh documentarian filmmaker. They talk all kinds of crazy shit from tech, cults, pornhub, Alex Jones, culture…. This is the greatest thing about Joe Rogan’s podcast: the conversations are upwards of 3 hours, organically flowing. You can zone out a few minutes or fast forward during a segment of disinterest. Pick and choose through the interviews. I’ve stayed riveted. I am an addict.

I was wondering the percentage of females out there who also listen to Sam Harris, Joe RoganBen Shapiro, and a little bit of Tim Ferris, all four with almost equal excitement and anticipation?





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