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I have a visceral dislike of the cold weather. My limbs lose feeling quickly. It’s known as Raynaud’s disease. I’m physically not cut out for it.

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Having already planned for and been obligated to, I got out yesterday morning at the beginning of a short ice storm. In the time it took to hop on the tollway and drive downtown to the shortest photo shoot I have ever participated in, my windshield tried to ice over. The dashboard vent only started to help melt it off when I pulled up at the destination. Showing up panicky and anxious, I declared it better go by fast because I didn’t want to to get stuck anywhere other than home! I’m a freakin joy and delight.

I thought I would come home and ride the momentum of shooting by tackling some personally creative ideas, but that was a no. I washed my face, applied the thickest layer of heavy cream and hunkered down for the rest of the day. I played all the hermit roles of reading and watching multiple episodes of a funny show and cocoa drinking. Goodness, I don’t think I’ve made cocoa from scratch in almost two years.

I ignored the responsibility of posting here out of sheer mental malaise; and I can’t guarantee the funk has fully lifted. I’m just so tired of the cold. Also, if I ever believe this space is a burden, it’s time to walk away.

One of my favorite newsletters declared its demise today. They had been under the umbrella of a much larger outfit before taking the reins. No amount of Patreon support could hold them up though. I will say, I only ever got great history podcasts recommendations. Everything they said was a bit of a newsy recap.

We have to differentiate, don’t we? I can’t and won’t ever stop considering what I bring forth here.

BrockaBite the Bullet

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