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These types of questions always interest me as a heavy reader:                                          How Reading Makes Us More Human

‘Her argument is that “deep reading,” the kind of reading great literature requires, is a distinctive cognitive activity that contributes to our ability to empathize with others; it therefore can, in fact, makes us “smarter and nicer,” among other things.’

Also, there is a freedom in reading which allows us to acknowledge a darker part of ourselves. The immoral behavior or despicable thoughts a character gets away is healthy in knowing our own psyches. And yes, through the story we see the repercussions of bad decisions and decide how much we empathize, if at all.

It’s one thing to read fantasy or sci-fi, but what about Trippy Paintings on Book Pages




This book is made to look like a sandwich. Clever 😉 Hey, calorie free!




Switching serious gears. Woman Portrait Series on a moleskin notebook.


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