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Hey there, old buddy, old pal! Nice to see you again. Too much time has passed since my last post, pardon. Let’s just pick up where we left off, like dear friends do. My thoughts are heavy. Here’s some unveiling of sorts.

The truth about the runway model and the ideal in the industry, it’s more disparaging than admirable. The Truth About Size Zero

When Eleanor Roosevelt was asked if she had any regrets, her response was a poignant one: she wished she had been prettier. It is a sobering statement coming from one of the most revered and beloved of women; one who surely led a life with many satisfactions and accomplishments. The Science of Beauty

‘Appearance is the most public part of the self. It is our sacrament, the visible self that the world assumes to be a mirror of the invisible, inner self. This assumption may not be fair, and not how the best of all moral worlds would conduct itself. But that does not make it any less true. Beauty has consequences that we cannot erase by denial.’

Barbie in Real Life




Conceptual food, or ‘horror food’ could definitely help you with your diet though :/  Living Food based on synthetic biology

And even if you aren’t into fitness, you are still probably familiar with the name Jack Lalanne, a pioneer in healthy (or extreme to some) eating and lifestyle. I didn’t know he was once a very sickly boy though. I came across this interesting bit of background on him recently.

Be healthy, be well!

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