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My family has decided we aren’t buying gifts this year. What else do you need? My grandmother has the years of accumulated trinkets, antiques, furniture, neck pillows, massagers, stuff stuff fucking stuff, collecting dust, neglected thought.

When you realized something was necessary, you went to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, or ordered it on Amazon and boom! Here it is. Something expensive? Save, wait, buy later. Got anyhow. Needs met.

I’m super conscious of my money. I don’t have a jack pot, but i don’t live without anything. Sure, i’d like to pawn off some of my expenses on someone else. I’m too impatient really. If i can afford it, now is better than later. After i’ve asked? (i won’t) Waiting on someone else…no thank you.

I hate those ads and articles on ‘the perfect gifts’ for the *chef* *teen* *super woman mom* *spoiled brat kid* *fashion blogger with every brand label in her closet* *mega millionaire with a yacht and 3 country club memberships* that already have it all. What the hell do you need? Most people need a kick in the ass! There’s a reason why Thanksgiving comes before Christmas: so you actually remember to appreciate all the crappy gifts that collect dust on your shelf you don’t need. Re-gifting and all the ways in which to do it wouldn’t be a concept, if we weren’t so spoiled, picky, over wrought with goods…

Confession: I have driven from a family gathering with a trunk full of presents, directly to the Goodwill Drop. Please, when i say i don’t want stuff, I DONT WANT STUFF.

The poorest person in America is still much better off than a poor person ANYWHERE else in the world.

Giving always makes the giver feel better, not the receiver. Don’t you know this? Does the item, money or gift card make up for the lack of communication, time spent together, minimal appearances in their life. No. Make something with your time, or do those things mentioned. I have everything else I need. The money is a bone thrown. It’s no investment in me or my goals.

I love your thought, I love your sentiment. I love your time and the sound of your voice when you call me. I love the hand-written letter.

Merry Christmas from someone who has NOT ONE decoration up, cause it doesn’t go with my decor, nor my non-existent, new tradition building family. I’m single. I am abundant. And I am appreciative.

This was an interesting article I posted up on my social media sites, if you missed What People Buy Where 

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