Any Given Sunday

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I danced hard this morning, then I brunched well. Long conversations. The graciousness of an ex, my humility in accepting the invitation. It was necessary and familiar and reflective and all that.

I really wanted to go on a long walk afterwards. The weather has abruptly cooled (in Dallas) and over the last two days of storms, the sprinkles are still intermittent; so I did the next best thing: grocery shop to my few places, park far out in the lot, then walk and think it out, also, intermittently scanning a list. I’m strung out on mirin in my cooking. If you have a sweet-tooth or sweets eating addiction, it will make you LOVE any vegetable ISwearToGod. It’s essentially sweetened rice wine, so yeah. Steam a vegetable or a piece of fish-meat-tofu soaking…whatever your diet. Mirin it, dammit-as your marinade. I can make a field trip out of going to the grocery store. Sake and miso are also my kitchen bitches. We go way back.

It’s the entrepreneur life: the working from home necessity to get out, be among humans. Leaving for a lunch date or a cocktail date or dinner date is the social highlight. By date, I mean appointment. To an entrepreneur, it’s an appointment. But yes if it’s social, the ‘giving a damn’ is increased.

So, I came home and stood (standing desk) at my music -and the writing. All the songs strewn about by title, all the short stories are marked by theme, all the work assignments are organized in another format. I edited and day dreamed. My first priority is deciding on the 3rd song for production. Focusing on 3 at a time. How the fuck do I decide, when I have 30 staring back at me? Subject matter, themes help me stream-line. You may not care for these 3. I have 3 more coming at you. I will have bodies of work in 3s. If you can be patient, if I can keep your attention…

Everything is changing. If you didn’t read the prior DC trip post, catch up. Stay with me. Keep scrolling.

My only objective is to keep being me.

I will write -I will sing -I will dance -I will read books.

I am this, and I am doing these things. Today, any day. Everyday.

Addendum: my conviction and affliction right now, two things: 1: managing my time (we are all inherently procrastinators, don’t beat yourself up!) 2: not disclosing too much or telling you what is coming. Just deliver-Just deliver. Behave over Say

Behaving over Saying. – Brocka Quotes



BrockaAny Given Sunday

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