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Cold weather has no appeal for me. I’ve never been snow skiing, nor do i have any desire. My disposition and body have been known to completely shut down at the slightest chill. Now that being said, I am a fairly adaptable person, when i want to be. I knew it was going to be cold when i arrived in Amsterdam, so I packed for it. One thing I didnt expect was my full-on enthusiasm for running in 35* weather every morning. Surprised the hell out of me! Of course as soon as I’m home trying to do it, my ankles are killing me, go figure. I think running is horrible for the body anyway. Back to the gym.

This was my 3rd trip there, so I’ve done the typical places: red light district, Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank museum, and a slew of other things. This time was all about the documentaries and visiting a friend that is working there. The first day i made it to the humungous library in a newly renovated art deco building with a lot of modern gallery art, lighting, and aesthetic design inside. I ate lunch on the top floor, which provided a great view of the city. Since I had a kitchen in the flat I was staying, i got to be more domestic, save money and grocery shop. I did eat out a few times, had Indonesian food for the first time (which is apparently a very big deal there) and attended a fantastic dinner party made up of other expats. I love the history of the city, so I visited a home built in the late 1600’s still set up in period decor, now the Museum Geelvinck. I totally lucked out, cuz when i went inside a Dutch group had just taken off with a tour guide, so I got the private tour with an English speaking woman. And a few post back, I mention going to the photography museum Foam. 

Pics from the James Bond theme party, the dinner party, and the Sinterklaas parade-festival I happened to be there for coming next…

Here’s a gallery of various images. 

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