A Snail’s Pace

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Or a slow and steady climb; that’s what i prefer to call it.

Closing in on the finish line of the 6 songs for my demo. Now I’m on the music video task for 2 of them. Pulling out the creative stops.

About this time of the month, I do a little review of books I’ve read in the last month. I’d come across a French author in one of my expat blogs, so i ordered about 8 of her books and the newest. Started from the oldest and worked my way through 6 1/2 thus far. Private detective stories narrated by a female p.i. Each book is in a different neighborhood. Paris is actually set-up like a snail; starting from the center wrapping around and out as it grows into the complete 21 ‘arrondissements’  Just like the neighborhoods of Manhattan, there are different personalities and socio-economic statuses. The author is an expert at weaving an intricate story with non-conflicting subplots as well. I especially enjoy the details of the terrain she crosses during investigation and the French slang and phrases. Learning during fiction never hurts. I realized how much i kinda miss reading fiction for the simple pleasure of it too. BUT, after these, back to the stack of non.


The daydreaming aspect of fiction is priceless. I do believe these 9 Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions are too. One might afford the place, but the cost of remodeling may not be worth it. Still, super spooky and cool.

On twitter especially, we are bombarded with the most inane quotes and positive daily affirmations. Let’s be honest, it’s annoying. I’m not a curmudgeon by any means; I do question whether they’re being applied sincerely though. I came across                        Advice From Somewhere and these are actually realistic and logical.

There. Hope you are able to do, and are doing exactly what you want to. That, I am learning, is true freedom.


BrockaA Snail’s Pace

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