2016 Politics and The Law of Attraction

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I know some of you cringe just seeing that phrase.

Donald Trump is not the cause, he is the result. He is not the problem, he is the symptom.

There is a very interesting dichotomy occurring: you speak with people intimately and they’re ‘no way, no how, not voting for that man!’ Yet he draws crowds and the voting numbers prove otherwise. Somebody’s lying.

Regarding the Law of Attraction:

First observation, he is repetitive and forceful in his personal beliefs of himself and what he can do (or not logistically) for the United States. One can argue his popularity has solely grown as a bi-product of  the attention media has given him. The mainstream media (MSM) long ago became info-tainment, more entertainment than information. But they gave him attention before the crowds were there. People were curious, curiosity drew numbers, numbers are dollars. He so adamantly believes and frankly describes himself as the problem solver, winner, deal maker, and the HUGE deal. This belief is so strong, people are drawn to hearing him deliver. He is attracting what he is projecting about himself, regardless of substance. He is both attracting the minimal substance of the population and the people of diminished fortitude. Neither his website nor his words can clarify what he can precisely do as leader in chief. But like moths to a flame, the shallow attention seeking (Sarah Palin) or the fearful of job security (Chris Christie and Ben Carson) attach themselves to him. The GOP admonishes the Left for believing government can solve all their problems; but the attraction to Trump is from people who believe a man can solve their perceived problems. Their is no substance.

People want from Trump what they want to achieve for themselves: Success & Inclusion.

I have stayed in Trump Towers and hotels a number of times. And they are lovely and high-end and well-manicured and elite and all the buzzwords you can throw at feeling substantial or significant. I would vote for him to manage hotels. In all my years of non-tv watching I have only watched two reality tv shows: Shark Tank, and The Apprentice hosted by Donald Trump. Both are business focused, skill-oriented, and deal negotiating types of insightful entertainment. I would vote for Donald Trump to be a manager of my business.

Donald Trump for President, no.

Trump is succeeding is his run for the GOP ticket, because he is the result of an already divided Republican party, the Law of Attraction fully applied. It has been divisive within itself for years preceding Obama: e.g. The Gang of 8, the Independents,  and the Tea Party. All are bound for a wake-up call of shock, of extreme belief, and extreme rhetoric which Donald Trump delivers.

What grows and metastasizes is a result of attention and focus. This American election should be used as a learning tool and serve as a reminder of personal power. Let’s get damn well and good on what we personally want, and stop acknowledging what deserves no credit.

You’ve made it this far, you deserve a pretty picture. Put your head back in the clouds if necessary


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Brocka2016 Politics and The Law of Attraction

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