Will-power To Fail

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There are very few things that bother me more than being let down when i get my hopes up about something or someone. I usually don’t get excited until the actual event is upon me or the person is with me or the object is in my hands. I kinda consider myself a cautious optimist. And i never share good news until it is happening or already happened. Worse than being disappointed is having to also explain to other people: the fall-out, the cancellation, the mistake. So i wait…until it’s sure.

The expectations I have for myself will always surpass by leaps and bounds any that others may have for me. Therefore, I really don’t like to let myself down. This being said, I don’t really make resolutions. There are many things that we all would like to change about ourselves. The majority of these resolutions and desires fall into the category of ‘wants’. We may want to learn a new language or an instrument or eat more healthy and go to the gym…all great. Where we fail is when we leave ‘it’ as a want and not a need. Some won’t even become familiar with a new language until they know the trip to this other country is approaching; the majority don’t change a diet until the doctor warns of impending fatality or diabetes. They say anything worth having is working hard for. I say anything you want must align with what you really need in order for it to manifest itself into your life.

Most ‘wants’ are based in emotion, and all willpower is based in emotion. Everyday our emotions about any given thing fluctuate. (Do you know females, with moods, ahem?!) If you think you can change anything, like a diet, based on willpower, you’ll set yourself up to fail, because our moods always change. In most aspects of life, we want immediate gratification and satisfaction too, verses the longer delay for the longterm goal. Whatever desire one has needs to be based in needs. Willpower is weak, but a need is very strong.

‘Want what you need. As opposed to wanting what you want…if you can turn your wants into your needs, you can do (or have) anything.’ -Randy Jackson

As far as the resolutions go, I am set on avoiding superfluous desires and wants, and I’m sticking to what i really need in my life, on a daily basis, to make myself happy. This never lets me down, because I am always in the present moment too.

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BrockaWill-power To Fail

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