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Could be flying to Miami now, to 80 degree weather and relaxation, but too excited with what is prioritized. As much as I love traveling, I hate traveling. Focused like a laser beam.

For every sense of understanding, what would we do without our dictionaries?! Each business and and trade has it’s own lexicon no doubt. There’s lawyer speak and accounting speak and farming speak and every culture within the English language has it’s own slang and odd dialects. I tend to steer clear of books written in old-English or with heavy country slang dialogues; too incomprehensible if it isn’t what you are used to. I haven’t been reading much fiction period.

When Noah Webster first went to publish his most famous tome, there was an outcry and a Philadelphia newspaper considered his additions to the British version preposterous. The Londoner’s contained 43,000 words and Webster’s would have 70,000. The naysayers said it was ‘ridiculous violation of grammar’ while the other extreme called it ‘innovative’. Nice to consider if you are creating something. 😉

‘Reviewers agreed that most of them didn’t belong in any dictionary:
sans culottes (no: French!), tomahawk (axe it: Indian!), and lengthy (good grief:
what’s next, strengthy?). ‘At best, useless,’ was one critic’s three-word verdict
on the first American dictionary.’

Oh how far we’ve come. Now we have to include ebonics and text message slang. Do teenagers even know how to spell correctly anymore?!

I have a chair I like to sit in when I read and for a lot of people there is ritual surrounding the act of ‘getting into’ a good book.

This hysterical little story has nothing to do with my dictionary note, but it reminds me of myself, how compulsive I can be, how important the setting is, and how it’s good to relax. Read this weekend.  



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