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Some addenda to my previous Ode to Sleep post:

Quartz Obsession on sleep deprivation. Coincidentally appropriate Nobel Prizes were allocated.

Of course there are outliers. Elon Musk and Martha Stewart are known to sleep very few hours a night.

Really though, all the Nobel Prize awarding this week has me reflecting on the worst of science and one bad habit in particular.

I remember the myriad projects I turned in as far back as eight years old. And just as early, I recall questioning the word hypothesis. It seems to imply an anticipation, how things will turn out. A real experiment is considerably more random, thus static variables.

We are fallible, the dynamic variable: experimenter; questioner; builder of the project; asker of the question. I am in no way refuting real science, defined as the continuum of already proven facts and laws, or expanding beyond what is newly discovered. I am speaking specifically of something I will call ‘fast facts’: an end result reached by our own expectation, that hypothesis I hate. We bring our perspective, throw in a pinch of presumption, add in a splash of sought out sources confirming ourselves.

We are constantly projecting our own expectations on an outcome. It’s inevitable. We can’t not.

I’m calling out the studies show, evidence suggest, the peer reviewed journal of…I gave up on the USDA, FDA, etc.. years ago. This is something I will cover in the [food post that is] quite heavily. It’s terribly obvious in daily media newsletters. Confirmation bias is ubiquitous. It’s the ceasar salad on every restaurant menu. The debates on climate change-global warming have to be the greatest example, of using the science that reflects data ones belief of what is. Anyone who loathed Obama refused to call out anything he did well; and we are seeing the same with response to Trump.

I began this post referencing my prior one on sleep, how I can’t function without a requisite amount. I shared one link discussing the entire pendulum of sleeping. I then mentioned two exceptional people to my own behavior. In some cases, there will never really be one answer or one way; but there is a good habit of asking oneself and questioning everything.

Now if we could all just argue only using facts?! Then it wouldn’t be argument but a proper debate. Dream on…

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