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I’ve laughed most of the day: various jokes, memes, Halloween costume ideas, shared stories of mishaps. There’s always a more relaxed vibe at the office on Fridays.

Frederic Forest sketch

Frederic Forest sketch

Aside, this week has rolled out under a blanket of despair. American politics is a new level of shit show. The upside of being so far removed from the terrorist attack on 9/11 is we no longer collectively assume it’s a Muslim extremist sending multiple wannabe bombs to politicians. The downside is, we immediately jump to blame the other political side. Full stop. We’re so deep in conflicting factions, even opinions are fractious. That’s dark. Mainstream media is a cesspool, and if you want any level of sanity, stop watching it! It alone turns up the volume too high; the teeth baring shows the back molars.

When a child throws a tantrum, how do you stop it? These culture wars and fits of rage over our constitution…Giving in to the demands of a fit, allowing the child to have their way -this perpetuates the behavior; they see they can get away with it. When a whole subset of a political party is acting out similarly, how do the civilized adults respond? We can’t even calmly placate with words when all intentions are questioned or doubted; we’re way beyond fake news. And we haven’t even gotten into deepfakes yet.

When you believe the opposition is somewhere between morally bankrupt and pure evil, is there ever a chance for a peace treaty? What is our breaking point?

Context, Fox is the highest rated cable network. Its primetime audience is 4.5 million people. This is 3% of the people who voted in 2016. Stop with the ludicrous blame game.

Reading and studying history gives one considerable context. Things aren’t so terrible really. (as long as you aren’t on twitter) There have been numerous white flags risen, conciliatory documents signed, dictators shaking hands, statues overturned, walls fallen…



I keep wondering what the breaking point will be.

“Anxiety is the price we pay for an ability to imagine the future,” says the neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, the author of Anxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety. “That’s what anxiety is, an imagination of a future that hasn’t happened yet, but that you are concerned with, worried about, dreading, and so on.”

It’s not fear mongering when the Democrats do it

Four thoughts on the attempted mail bomber and why everything is garbage right now

The Floridian mail bomber has a rap sheet 16 years long. He is, and has always been, a crazy person. Similar to a mass shooting, it is not the the gun’s fault; it is the fault of the person who wielded the gun. This guy has been on the radar for awhile. Another mishap by authorities.

Listening (to all the podcasts, both sides), watching (the responses; defense and offense), waiting (for a turning point), contemplating (how I can positively contribute)…

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