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There are a few (3) things on my radar: bitcoin and cryptocurrency, identity politics, and the environment surrounding the Me Too movement.

  • Bitcoin Bubble <— this article is the most comprehensive explanation, lowdown, and primer currently on the interwebs. Even if you are already involved in the ownership and transactions of cryptocurrency, you’ll get a lot from the link and a frank understanding of the blockchain. Great read


  • Jordan Peterson seems to be everywhere right now. He’s a clinical psychologist out of Canada. Despite publishing a book in 1999, and 100s of videos on youtube of his professorial lectures, he only recently became so prolific by a controversy. Obviously. He refused to speak in the ze, zer terms of transexual identity now ictated by law in Canada. Yeah.

His background is Jungian, which I immediately gravitated towards. I first started reading about Carl Jung and his analytical psychology when I was in 7th grade, 13 years old. It propelled me into Humanities as a study: the Greeks; mythology; archetypes. In the last three weeks, I have been digesting all things Peterson, and I won’t lie or feel shame for admitting how much insight and familial understanding I’ve garnered. It’s like getting free clinical psychology treatments! Sold.

This most recent conversation is boss! Dave Rubin host Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. Three guys I greatly admire all in conversation together. This dialogue represents the style of discourse we need to be having. Intellectuals with entirely different lifestyles, all acknowledging the shared values we have, regardless of orthodoxy or atheism or sexual preference, etc… [they bring up Sam Harris towards the end of the convo, whom they’ve all interacted with as well. He’s the 4th of 5 minds I’m digging right now]

If you prefer the youtube version of this conversation: Not the entirety. Youtube ended up demonetizing it. Listen to the podcast.

I personally rarely watch anything on youtube. I’ve just never liked it as a medium.

  • Me too.

Lastly, I haven’t chimed in on the sexual harassment #metoo revolution with a personal story or opinion thus far. Every woman has a story. Every female has been in a circumstance, in the least. Of course I have anecdotes, multiple. As far as being vocal about it, I don’t know what my deal is or what I don’t want to analyze or give credence to yet. Maybe I just don’t feel victim and I’ve come to see this as exceptional about me. I’ve had very healthy relationships. I’m also a very non-confrontational person, and I don’t want to deal with the backlash from other women for not following in tow. I’m also conservative and don’t particularly try to draw attention to myself. (i.e. cleavage shots on instagram) This doesn’t mean anyone deserves it. I just don’t resonate with the bulk of the stories. Also, I don’t hate men.

Just because men are men doesn’t mean women should stop being women 

Why I find myself saying something now is because I read this excerpt out of Friday’s NYT Interpreter The article questioned why all of Hollywood has come out in full force about most everyone except Woody Allen – the person most well-known for his pedophilia and other proclivities.

Renouncing Woody Allen is painful for many of us not just because we enjoy his work, but because it feels like renouncing a part of ourselves. It also feels cheap, because there’s no point in renouncing him if we can’t also renounce the part of us that finds his characters relatable. We need to take a closer at the films that taught us to be this way, and to consider what else they taught us.

Change. It’s interesting how much we want to change, but only so much. We go up to the ledge but only so far. In this case, it’s kinda sick. But at least we’re all becoming more honest.

Last week’s post hinted at a coming in, internalizing. Now, there is a revving up. Building momentum.

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